Strategy Explorer Video Tutorials

As the Strategy Explorer book is currently only available in German language, I have created a series of videos explaining the Strategy Explorer method in English. Learn how to use the method and see how it is applied for a [...]

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Guiding Questions for your Strategy Development

When working with canvas models, guiding questions are a very helpful resource to focus your thoughts and come up with useful input. However, putting them directly into the working template often makes them look cluttered. Therefore, the Strategy Explorer intentionally [...]

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Step 6 – Strategy Formulation

Did you ever ask employees of an organization about its strategy? You might be surprised by the variety of answers – although all work for the same employer. Ideally, everyone working in an organization should have a common understanding of [...]

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Step 4 – From Observations to Actions

Without a clear understanding of the environment we would be in the dark and business success just a question of luck. Therefore, I hope you had many fruitful discussions and inspiring insights in the previous step of analyzing the environment [...]

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Step 3 – Mapping the outside world

Whether you are a start-up with a brand new product, a well-established company in a seemingly stable market or a sports club facing changing social trends – no organization or other subject is independent of the developments in the outside [...]

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Step 2 – What is your Goal?

Strategy development needs a clear goal – otherwise, it will be difficult to devise the proper way to achieve, well, what exactly? By definition, a strategy is a long-term plan to achieve a specific goal. There are other definitions, but [...]

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Step 1 – What is your strategy about?

Welcome to the first article in a small series on how to use the Strategy Explorer, my new canvas-based method for strategy development. As described earlier, the process of strategy development with the Strategy Explorer consists of six steps and [...]

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